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Leana Simper 


Leana began her dance training at the tender age of 4. She trained in all genres of dance including classical, jazz, tap, contemporary, gymnastics, acrobatics and world dance for over 20 years. Having learnt from many prestigious teachers, such as Nichole Davis, Paul Davis & Julie Cookson.  Leana performed professionally for many years before realizing her passion lay in teaching. She has been able to combine all her knowledge and focus it into the world of ‘acrobatic dance’.


Leana still teaches many forms of dancing including jazz, classical, competition solos and acrobatics at both Niche Dance Studios and the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School. Leana began teaching at VCASS in 2018 and currently runs the Acrobatic program.


More of her time is being focused on the acrobatic side of teaching as she works closely with Stacy Mitchell, founder of the Acrobatic Dance Association. Leana is involved in the teacher training sessions run by the association which help dance teachers become acrobat teachers. Her emphasis is towards student and teacher safety, confidence and personal development. With the implementation of a specialized strength and conditioning program into her classes she produces fantastic results. Leana is also in charge of the Acrobatic Dance Association Exam program at Niche Dance Studios. Her students have been receiving excellent results in their exams and making fabulous progress throughout the year.  


Leana also has many calisthenics students from across Melbourne coming for private tuition. Her specialized skill set allows her to be able to improve their overall technique, flexibility and overall dance presentation.


Leana is also currently studying for her Cecchetti Associate exam. She has been preparing students for their Cecchetti classical exams for many years with excellent results. Her students have been awarded perfect scores of 100% for many years.

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